How to get to the Newman Center from Campus

So you have heard all these great things about the Catholic Campus Ministry at the Newman Center, but you don’t know how to get to the Newman Center. Of course the easiest way is to find someone who is going and tag along, but if that is not an option, try the following:

Starting at the clock tower between the Student Center and the Science Building:

Take the walkway closest to the Science Building:

Continue diagonally across the parking lot (watch out for cars and crazy squirels):

Make your way to Winchester Street:

Cross the crosswalk (cars are supposed stop for you, but please don’t walk until you know they actually see you!):

Walk down Wilson Street:

Until you get to St. Joseph School parking lot:

Go through the parking lot (again, watch for cars! Eventhough it is a school, people drive like maniacs)

You will see several buildings: the back of St. Bernard Church on the right, the Rectory where the priests live in the middle, and the Clairvaux Center all the way to the left (yes, the building that looks like it used to be a convent 🙂

The Newman Center is in the Clairvaux Building, so cross the parking lot diagonally:

and enter the building in what looks like a basement door (believe it or not, it is the main entry … but yes, it used to be the back basement door to the convent 🙂

Through the door and down the long scary hallway (it really isn’t scary, but if anyone has any appropriate art, it could use some color:

The Newman Center is at the end of the hallway:

We have a sitting area:

A pool table and tables for dinners, projects, homework etc:

A music and craft area:

and a functioning kitchen!

and all is watched over by our loving Mother:

Now that you know where it is, come and see it for yourself!

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