Directions to the Newman Center from the Appian Way Gate

Starting at the Arch walk up Main Street as if you are heading into town:

Walking toward  the rotary (or round-about …depending on where you are from:)

Pass the Hale Building and wave to the President …

Prepare to cross the street.  Watch out for cars…

Keep heading up Main Street, pass the Horatio Colony Museum:

The next building is St. Bernard Catholic Church … you are getting very close!

Make a note of the Mass times, but remember that we will start our monthly student Mass on the first Sunday of October.  There will be a Student Mass every first Sunday at 6pm!

The next building is the Rectory where the priests live.

Walk up the driveway between the church and the rectory.

Pass the garages …and go around the corner:

You will see the Clairvaux Center, which used to be a convent, but now houses all the offices and ministries:

Go in the back door (which IS the MAIN DOOR!!!)

The Newman Center is at the end of the hall …


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