October: Month dedicated to the Rosary

wood rosary

Once again October has managed to sneak up on me.  I really had planned to be prepared for the month dedicated to the rosary with all sorts of programming related to the rosary.   Not all is lost however.  The Newman Center is planning to have at least one Sunday Newman Student Org. Meeting dedicated to the rosary.  October 10 we will get together and learn to make chord or bead rosaries and how to pray the rosary.  We are also planning on praying the rosary on campus.  We have to find a space, but even if we only pray one rosary per week together, we can get though all the mysteries (joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious).  More about the mysteries later.

It would also be appropriate to watch The 13th Day: the True Story of Fatima (perhaps on October 13th?).  Check out the trailer.

All month long we will be posting on topics related to the Rosary and our Blessed Mother on this blog.  Check back often.


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