A Confession and a Resolution

One of the frustrations in campus ministry, as in many ministries, is the frustration of scheduling.  Students are so incredibly busy these days and the possibility of finding a time slot for an event or program so that many students can attend is almost impossible.

Together with student leaders I plan various possible events and programs – a bible study, a rosary or an outing to go bowling or a road-trip to a concert or conference-  many will say they may come, but when the day arrives,  maybe only one shows up.   Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the one, but …

So then I start to wonder: did we schedule it at the wrong time, should we try a different time? Should I give up on this or that program and maybe we should just do dinners and bowling and nights of playing guitar hero and movie nights? Should we give up on trying to do prayer and catechesis and attending conferences? But then I look at my own commitments.  What happened to all the resolutions I made over the summer to follow through on ideas and to risk a little more?  When was the last time that I really prayed for my students other than in a generic way?  Do I really know any of their prayer intentions? When is the last time I made any real sacrifice for their needs?  I so I stand convicted: I have been slack in following through.

So here is a new resolution: I will start with a prayer commitment.  Every day I will pray a rosary for my students and for the entire Keene State College Community.  I invite everyone to join me.   I will post on my facebook status and the twitter feed at least 15 minutes before I start.  If it is a nice day, I will most likely go pray it while walking on campus, maybe at the brickyard pond or on the trail to the athletic fields. If you are available, you can come and join me.  I will post when and where I am going to start so we can meet up.  If you can’t join me, but have a specific prayer intention for which you would like me to pray, drop me an email, or facebook or tweet me.  The addresses are on the top right hand column of this blog.  If you are not on facebook or twitter, but would like to be informed of when and where I will be praying the rosary, email me with an email address and I will email you or a cell phone number and I will text you.

And just to give you a little something to whet your appetite for prayer:




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