Rosaries on Parade…

The Crescat posted a wonderful idea which fits right in with our October focus on the Rosary.  Quoting her blog:

All you have to do is comment on someone’s rosary, remarking about it’s beauty or uniqueness. What usually follows is a brief story of how and where they acquired it. Some used to belong to a special person, some were purchased on a pilgrimage, while others may have been blessed by a priest who is a good friend.

So, to celebrate the beauty of the rosary I would like to see yours. I want to know it’s story and I would be honored if you allowed me to share it here. Or post a picture and summary on your own blog and invite others to do the same. Who knows, maybe someone who hasn’t called their Mother in decades will be inspired. I truly believe in the power of the Rosary.

So here is mine:


I made this rosary about 20 years ago, while recuperating from a really nasty stomach flu.   I was out of commission for a good three weeks and for some reason I still don’t fully understand, I wanted to pray a rosary and I didn’t own one.  At the time I lived in Atlanta and there was only one Catholic Books & Religious Articles store and it was not accessible by public transportation.  So, I pulled out some cherry wood pieces that I used for architectural models, found some beads at a neighborhood craft store and made my own.  It has been restrung many times,  from the original leather shoe lace material, to a heavy chord to the current chord which I also use to make knotted chord rosaries. I call this rosary my miraculous rosary for the simple fact that I have not yet managed to lose it.

Do you have a favorite rosary, or a rosary with a history … feel free to add your story in the comment box.


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