The End of the Liturgical Year

It is November and we are coming to the end of the liturgical year.  Our readings these days talk about the end times, judgement, heaven, hell and purgatory.  It is also a time of remembrance: remembering those who have died, praying for their souls, remembering the saints and praying that one day we may be with them in paradise.

It is also a time of Thanksgiving and there is much to be grateful for, not the least of which is the ability and freedom to practice our faith.   I look to events in Iraq and Pakistan where people risk death to practice their faith and I am struck by how indifferent we can be to our freedom to believe and to live our Catholic faith out in the open.    How many of us are silent or hide our faith when that faith is challenged or ridiculed?   How many of us take our faith seriously and try to integrate faith in all that we are and do?  Or do we see it as just another “activity” that only affects us only on Sunday morning?

The last Sunday of the liturgical year is Christ our King on November 21, when we celebrate that Christ is supreme over our lives.  The new year starts the following Sunday with the First Sunday of Advent and the anticipation of Christ’s coming at Christmas as a little baby as well as at the end of time in glory.   Perhaps this would be a good time to reflect on how we live our Catholic faith, our prayer life, our relationship with Jesus and how we fit in his Body the Church, our vocation to holiness and our state in life.  It may be a good time to think of some resolutions: to pray more, to learn the tenets of our Catholic Faith, and to be a witness to Christ by how we love our neighbor and by giving of ourselves in imitation of Jesus.

Let us celebrate our faith and be joyful in the gifts that we have received.


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