Stuff in the works for next semester:

Regularly scheduled stuff that will continue:

  • Student Masses every 1st Sunday at 6pm followed by supper
  • NSO Meetings every Sunday either from 5ish-7:30 or 9-11 depending on what else is happening
  • Student Mass music group practice – approx 3 Sundays a month from 7:30-8:30ish
  • Bible Study and/or Lectio Divina time TBD

New Stuff to hopefully become regularly scheduled stuff:

  • Coffee, Cocoa, Cookies and Catholicism: A casual conversation about topics in Catholicism such as Mass, Sacraments, Priestly Celibacy, Social Justice, Saints, Women in the Bible, How we read Scripture, Popes, Encyclicals, etc. etc. etc. .  We will probably will meet either Thurs or Fri afternoon depending on what student’s schedules look like next semester.
  • Sunday Brunch: come and socialize over Brunch after Sunday Mass. Llocation, frequency etc. TBD

Special Events in the works:

  • Snow-tubing trip
  • The Human Experience Screening
  • Mardi Gras
  • Retreat/Day of Reflection
  • Hiking Trip

For More Details: or check us out on facebook or follow us on Twitter .


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