What I did over Christmas Break…

It’s a new semester and a new year.  For Christmas Break I went home to visit my mom in the Netherlands.  I was there to visit, to help her out a bit after her recent fall and breaking her femur just below the hip.  Thanks be to God the hip joint itself was fine and the doctors were able to pin the bone and she is up and walking as well as before the fall.  But for me it was also an opportunity to rest and to get away from the computer for a while (no computers or wireless access at mom’s apartment…).  No facebook, no email, no blogs.  So what did I do with all that time?

Well, mom and I played Scrabble (in Dutch ofcourse…) at least one game a day.

one of the many games ...

I slept … ALOT.  And I read.  Books.  You know, those paper things with loads of words on pages between pretty covers?

Beside some fluffy crime novels, I also read two fabulous books which I would highly recommend to anyone.

The first book is “Women, Sex and the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching” (available from Pauline Books and Media) edited by Erika Bachichi.  If you think that the Catholic Church is a male dominated, anti-feminist, anti-woman, you need to read this book by intelligent Catholic women, who blow the common cultural misconceptions about Church teachings on sexuality, marriage, women’s roles, contraception, abortion, and bioethics  out of the water.  This is a must read for every college student longing for true freedom in relationships.


The other book was “Light of the World: the Pope, the Church and Signs of the Times” which is the interview of Pope Benedict XVI by Peter Seewald (available from Ignatius Press)  It is a discussion about modern culture, the Church and the world, faith and reason, scandals and opportunities.  In the conversation, you also get a sense of the gentle and  pastoral heart of our chief shepherd.

I think both of these books would be excellent for a book discussion on a college campus and would offer an opportunity to explore Church teachings as they relate to our daily lives.  Check them out!

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