Lenten Journey: St. Therese cover

One of the resources I am using this Lent is “A Lenten Journey with Jesus Christ and St. Therese of Lisieux.” There was a lovely reflection on fasting for today’s reading which I thought I would share.

“Fasting is part of the ascetical tradition of religions generally.  In Christianity it is meant to be a tool to serve moderation in food and drink and so to discipline desires. The Carmel of Lisieux took part in rituals of fasting, particularly but not exclusively during Lent.  St. Therese shared in that discipline.  Her poem:


[“Jesus you are the Lamb I love,

You are all I need, O Supreme Good!

In you I have everything, the earth and even Heaven.

The Flower that I pick, O my King!

Is You!”]

demonstrates that the goal of Christian life is to come to know and to love Jesus Christ.  “In You I have everything” writes St. Therese.” (p31)


The fasting which we take on in Lent should not be viewed apart from our relationship to Jesus Christ.  To come to know and to love Jesus is the goal of our lives.  Prayer, fasting, penance, almsgiving are all expressions of the heart’s desire: to walk with the Lord in integrity of life.


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