I don’t know why, but the theme of baptism is following me around these past couple of weeks.  Perhaps it is because I will be presenting on the topic of Sacraments at our Welcoming Catholics Home program in another week.  Or perhaps it was all the rain we had a while back.

Do you ever think about your own baptism? For most of us, baptized as infants, it isn’t something we remember. Baptism is something we learn “about” – first Sacrament of initiation, washes away original and actual sin, incorporates us into the Body of Christ, making us adopted sons and daughters of God…

I think what inpresses me is that the graces received through the Sacrament (afterall a Sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace) can act powerfully in your life, even after laying dormant for years.  This is what makes me so grateful that my parents had me baptized as an infant, even though they didn’t really practice the faith.  I think it was more in order to please my grandmother.  When I finally turned back to take another look at my faith, the grace of God was right there allowing the Holy Spirit to move powerfully to guide me back.

The other gift we receive with baptism is godparents (or in my case, a godmother). Just like grace, my godmother worked in the background, but I truly believe that her prayers helped me find my way back to the faith.  Just like Sacraments effect change in us, so prayers are most effective.  But that is a topic for another day.  Anyway, spend some time reflecting on your own baptism and the graces God has poured out on you.  Then, next time you go to Church and you dip your hand in that holy water and cross yourself, remember to say thank you.




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