Wednesday podcast review: Catholic Stuff You Should Know

A while ago, I wrote an article for our diocesan young adult webpage called:  What’s on your mp3 Player.  It was a listing of a handful of Catholic podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis that I thought would appeal to Catholic young adults.  But since I wrote that brief article I have discovered a host a number of new podcasts.  So this will be the first of what I plan to be a weekly review of podcasts.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know homepageToday’s review is of the Catholic Stuff You Should Know podcast.  It is a podcast by two seminarians for the Archdiocese of Denver: Deacon John Nepil, a transitional deacon to be ordained to the priesthood sometime this month (if he hasn’t been ordained already) and Joe Doman, who has a few more years to go.  The podcast is generally a bantering back and forth on a topic relevant to understanding the Catholic faith and living it more fully.  Often the topics seem to be inspired by the happenings around the seminary, whether it is material that one of the seminarians covered in class or something they encountered while writing a paper or an event in pastoral ministry that they experienced.

Besides receiving a weekly dose of information about the faith, on topics as varied as leisure, mysticism, Saints, Galileo, discernment of spirits and the Filioque Controversy, what I also enjoy is the glimpse into seminary life.  These two guys are normal men, following their vocation, not holier-than-thou  folks without flaws.  They struggle with getting up for early morning prayer and procrastinate on papers that are due, but they also have fun and go camping and hiking and enjoy their leisure time.  Check out the podcast and learn about your faith, while rejoicing the hope for the future of our Church that these men represent.


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