Corpus Christi

Today is Corpus Christi: the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.  Here are some links to homilies and videos. Check them out:

Homily posted on GW Catholic Q&A : on Mass attendance, or lack thereof.

Homily posted on A Concord Pastor Comments: “Do we remember that we are to become what we eat and drink?”

And what do you think of  A Eucharistic “flash mob” video which is making the rounds:  

Then there is a trailer for a book by Fr. Robert Barron.   It is something I am currently reading and so far it is awesome:

In Keene, we had a Eucharistic Procession up and down Main Street, followed by Eucharistic Adoration at St. Bernard.  It was a wonderful way of bringing Christ to the city, and also a reminder that Christ came for all, and we are called to bring him to the world.

(ps, if anyone took any pictures of the procession, I would love to post them.  Just drop me a note in the comment box.)

In conclusion, here is an oldie, but goodie: A Eucharistic Procession through NY City:


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