Wednesday Podcast Review: The Catholic Laboratory

Are faith and science diametrically opposed to each other?  With modern science isn’t faith obsolete?  The answer is a definite NO! to both these questions.  Science and Faith are complementary and the Church is a strong supporter of and contributor to the sciences.

The Catholic Laboratory is very cool podcast explores the relationship between the Churchand the sciences, especially astronomy, but all the sciences are represented (chemistry, physics, cosmology, biology, geology …etc).   Ian Maxfield presents the various topics in a very cool British accent and with appropriate British humor (although his jokes at the end tend to be groaners…).  Generally each podcasts highlights a different Catholic scientist, covers recent scientific discoveries, and fosters a greater understanding of the relationship between Science and Faith and the Church’s stance toward modern science.   Although my scientific knowledge of the topics presented is often quite limited, the podcast always manages to break down the topic, both the modern science and the theological implications,  in lay terminology without ever talking down to the listener or making the listener feel that the topic has been “dumbed-down.”    It is a podcast that encourages you to think!

I have been following this podcast for about a year, and in that time there have been several series of topics.  For example there was a series of podcasts on the Age of Discovery, a series on science related to Advent (Star of Bethlehem, etc.).  Recently, the podcast concluded a series on the science behind the Theology of the Body which was fascinating.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out the podcast and it’s website (there is lots of cool stuff, especially if you are a science teacher).



One thought on “Wednesday Podcast Review: The Catholic Laboratory

  1. Wow – thank you for your kind review of the Catholic Laboratory podcast. I look forward to hearing from visitors to this great blog. God Bless and keep up the great work!

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