Wednesday Podcast Review: Among Women

Among Women LogoAmong Women is another of my favorite podcasts, but one that I usually save up until I can listen to the entire podcast in one sitting.  Once I ended up late for a meeting because I was sitting in the parking lot and wanted to catch the end of the conversation on the podcast.  So now Among Women is either for home, or for a nice long drive.

The podcast is roughly divided into two parts: part one being a teaching on a Saint and part two a conversation between the host Pat Gohn and her guest.  It is like you are sitting in a coffee shop or Pat’s kitchen, sipping a cup of really good coffee and listening in on a conversation between a couple of wise women about living the faith.  The guests range from the average woman in the pew to PhD’s in theology, women religious, lay women, women working in the Church, women living their faith, authors, other podcasters, young women, older women.  Topics of conversation range family life, conversion stories, college life, Sacraments,  devotions, theology, prayer, surviving abuse, the pope and his writings, technology, teaching, RCIA, pilgrimages and yes, as you might suspect from the title of the podcast, Marian devotion, all seen through the lens of Catholic Faith and the eyes of women  (but, hey, that doesn’t mean guys can’t listen to the podcast … ).

The podcast is currently on a summer break, but there are plenty of back issues in the archive.  The most recent podcast is on Finding God on Campus (how appropriate is that!) or if you would like to know a little more about my story, I was interviewed back in 2009. Among Women can also be found on iTunes or on  Go check it out for yourself.

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