Wednesday Podcast Review (a bit late): The Break with Fr. Roderick

screen shot for "The Break"The Break with Fr. Roderick was the first podcast I ever listened to before I even had an mp3 player (Back when it was called the Daily Breakfast).  It is now a weekly podcast where a Dutch priest called Fr. Roderick talks (in English) about everything “from the Simpsons to the Sacraments, from technology to theology” and is the “show that brings news from all over the world”.  It is a wonderful laid-back show that covers current events like movies and television shows, computer games and gadgets.  But Fr. Roderick also answers questions about the faith and shares his travels with us.

For example, he has been on vacation in Spain recently and he shares his adventures with us on his latest podcast.  In previous episodes he has covered the TV series House and its connection with Sherlock Holmes, the Kinect system, the Beatification of John Paul II, Hobbits, Star Wars etc.

Fr. Roderick is the founder of SQPN, the Star Quest Production Network, which is a multimedia organization specializing in the production of audio and video programs faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church especially, but not limited to, using new media.  There are a lot of podcast series there, some of which we will review here in future blog-posts.

Anyway, check out The Break – especially if you like movies, games, traveling, food, running, etc. etc.,  as seen from the perspective of a Catholic priest.


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