Wednesday Podcast Review: “The Journey Home.”

Technically, the Journey Home is a TV show hosted by Marcus Grodi that runs on EWTN.  The podcast, available on iTunes,  is simply the audio version of the TV show.   Each episode of The Journey Home is an interview with a person who has either discovered the truth of Catholic Church or in some cases has returned to the Catholic faith.   Often the converts that are interviewed were pastors in a protestant church, so at times the interview can be quite dense theologically speaking.  What I enjoy is to hear the stories of what it was that drew them to convert to Catholicism, often at great cost to themselves.  Many of these converts had to sacrifice their position as pastors or preachers (and had to find other means to support themselves and their families).  Many left behind congregation and communities.    But it also reminds those of us who are Catholic that our faith is a journey.  The journey that these converts make might help us to see some things that we have always taken for granted.  Often it takes an “outsider” to show us the beauty and the depth and the riches that are part of our faith, if we would only see.   Anyway, have a listen for yourself, and try a couple of episodes.  It is a great way to learn about the faith and what is special about Catholicism through the eyes of others.


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