Irene = Peace

So for the past couple of months I have been preparing for the new academic year, focusing mainly on the opening week of orientation.  There is a Dutch saying which translates to “a good beginning is equal to half the work.”  So we planned an opening mass, got parishioners involved to have a nice potluck afterwards to welcome new students to the parish. Everything was set, the Deacon would cover any last minute organizing.  We had everything organized early since I would be away at World Youth Day,  so that there wouldn’t be any time to prep anything afterwards. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and Campus Ministers! No one anticipated a hurricane names Irene.

huricane pathIrene.  The name means PEACE.  Yeah, right.  Everyone is scrambling to adjust their schedules.  Students are moving in a day early (or a day late), campus staff had to adjust all their scheduling like food service, housing staff and all the other services. And our Newman Center had to cancel our well laid plans, and I ended up scrambling to get the word out. After all, I would hate for anyone to brave the storm just to end up outside a locked church. Some peace…

But there is a lesson in all this. Taking a deep breath and looking at the big picture, I realize that there is no calamity here.  We were simply forced to change some plans by a natural force outside of our control.  We are not in control.  We can plan, we can prepare as best we can, but ultimately, we are not in charge. And oddly, there is a peace in that knowledge. Ultimately, we have to place everything in God’s hands (where it always was to begin with…)  And yes, there is a peace in that: let go and let God.

And not to worry… we will reschedule …stay tuned and stay safe.

Peace, out 🙂


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