7 Quick Takes

1)      I have been meaning to update this blog for the past couple of weeks.  There are a bunch of topics that I want to work on, but haven’t had the time to do them justice and so nothing has gotten posted.  Thought I would put them in the 7 quick takes format and perhaps some of these items will become a larger post in the future.

2)       It’s the end of September and there are all sorts of wonderful programs that have or are starting up for another year: RCIA, Welcoming Catholics Home, and Adult Faith Formation.  Our parish Catholic Faith Formation Center is offering a 24 week bible study called a Bible Timeline  a bible study on the book of Matthew, and soon will start a program called a Biblical Walk through the Mass.  We are so blessed to have the resources of the Faith Formation Center available to our campus ministry program.

3)      People are just too busy.  We have a lot of new students who have indicated that they are interested in the Newman Center and Catholic Campus Ministry, but schedules are so varied and complex that it is almost impossible to find a time when these students can meet.  Between work schedules, evening classes, daytime classes, studying, sports, and students often going home on the weekend, we are lucky to get five or six students to come together at any one time.  Our monthly student mass is this weekend.  Hopefully we will have a great turnout so that we can at least have one day a month that we can get almost everyone together.

4)      Just found out that what I thought was just a funky new store is actually a porn establishment.  Sigh.  The sad thing is many people don’t see anything wrong with porn.  We need to arm our young people with the knowledge of their innate dignity.  Sadly many of them see no harm in porn.  Time to pull out the Theology of the Body.  Another couple of resources to look at Porn Harms, and the Safe Library Project …

5)      The Catholic New Media Conference is going on this weekend in Kansas City and I wish I had the time to attend.  I guess following the tweets and the livestream will have to do this year. Check it out.  I normally schedule a screen-free day for myself on Saturdays, but will probably make an exception this week.

6)      I have been thinking about ways to reach out to the commuter students on campus.  Perhaps to offer the Newman Center as a living room for them to hang out and relax between classes.  Many of the students seem to commute into town with relatives who work in the area or other students and so are often stuck waiting for their ride home.

7)      About to head home.  I actually found a Tolkien book I haven’t read yet called The Children of Hurin …


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