Another Podcast review and Some Related Resources:

So I have been listening to a new to me podcast called Beyond the Words. So far there are only 9 episodes, but I like what I hear. The broad theme of the podcast is the upcoming new translation of the Roman Missal. Through interviews with experts and panel discussions, the podcast has covered such topics as the why behind the new translation, the sacramental power of words, and music in the liturgy.

One thing I really like about the podcast is that it is aimed at youth and young adults by hosts who are familiar with youth and young adults. Emily Strand is the director of liturgy at the University of Dayton and her co-host Bob Wurzelbacher is the associate director of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry. In a very conversational style they explain the changes that will take effect this coming Advent.

Anyway, I hope you will check out the podcast available on iTunes.

Of course there are many other resources available about the new translation. Here are a few:

The USCCB has a page dedicated to the Roman Missal

The Diocese of Manchester has resources available on its website

One of my favorite teachers has created a series of videos called Explain it to Me to place the new translation of the Roman Missal in context and to help us understand the changes that are coming.

And of course, our Catholic Faith Formation Center here in Keene, NH will offer a course for those who would like to delve deeper. Starting next week, the CFFC will be offering a five week course “A Biblical Walk through the Mass” which will include the changes to the missal, but also give a deeper understanding of what actually happens at Mass and why we do and say the things we do. For more information about the course, contact the Catholic Faith Formation Center. Classes will be on Monday 7-8pm starting Oct. 17 and Thursday 9-10am starting October 20.


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