7 Quick Takes — Oct 21

1)      I love Adoration … an hour sitting at Jesus’ feet and life all of a sudden has a whole new outlook.   The same problems remain to be solved, but the perspective is totally different.  Realizing the glass is half full.  Which brings to mind this image:

2)      Working on a longer post about integration of faith and life, whether at work or school or home. It’s a topic that has come up a lot in conversations in the last couple of weeks.  Will post sometime next week.  By the way, consider this an invitation to write a guest post.  If you would like to write a  post about life and faith especially if it relates to college students or young adults, drop me a line.  Contact info is in the right hand column.

3)      Pornography continues to be on my prayer radar.  A friend dropped me a DVD documentary called Out of the Darkness, a true story of Shelley Lubben and her journey from a life in porn to a life in Christ.  I still have to watch it, but it looks like it might be a good vehicle to open up discussion about the topic with college students.

4)      This weekend in Pumpkinfest in Keene NH.   It’s going to be different than in past years – different organizers, but many pumpkins will be lit and much fun will be had.  Will we set a new record for lit pumpkins this year?


5)      I am looking forward to tonight’s Cinema Divina run by the Daughters of St. Paul.   I have wanted to go to one of these since they started about a year ago, and something has always gotten in the way schedule-wise.   Tonight I am going!

6)    One of our priests, Fr. Paul,  has just been named pastor and he will be leaving Keene soon … a friend posted this image on her facebook page …

The three youngest pastors for our Diocese, Fr. Steve, Fr. Paul and Fr. Jeff, who all spent time here in Keene (with the editor of Parable, our diocesan magazine.)

7)      And that makes me think of vocations and how we must pray for more men to hear the call (because God is still calling…)   Found this image very hopeful:


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