Monday Musings

Monday Musings:

Here’s just some stuff that I am mulling over and thinking about in no particular order:

-Time moves way to fast!  Can’t believe January is almost over!  And then you get struck with a stomach flu that knocks you out for a week! I don’t think I will ever get caught up this semester and it has just started!

-Religious Freedom and Religion in the Public Square: HHS Mandate, folks using the phrase Freedom of Worship instead of Freedom of Religion (no, they are not the same thing!), political correctness and self-censorship.

-Cancer, death, dying, the meaning of life… found out someone else I knew just passed away from cancer.

-Student Involvement, scheduling, programs, ideas: more folks are connecting all the time with the Newman Center, yet there doesn’t seem to be a way to get everyone together.  Are we so used to living in a virtual world that people don’t feel the need to get together in real life?  To pray together? To eat together? To grab a cup of coffee and talk about our faith?

-Retreats, prayer, RCIA, evangelization: went to a retreat day for the RCIA teams recently. Awesome presentation on prayer, and the use of art in prayer. Very cool!

-Oh, and did I mention time is flying … Lent is just around the corner.  Stations of the Cross anyone?


What is on your mind this Monday?


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