Community! Food! Non-Academic Reading! In Other Words….Small Groups!!!

Well, it’s October.  Leaves are falling in gentle piles all over Keene, gently burying the grass just as pages upon pages of academic reading bury most of you.  Don’t be fooled–I’m not so far away from my years in college that I’ve forgotten how ridiculous the amount of reading is!  Every professor acts like theirs is the only class you have and assigns far more reading than you could ever get done.  I also remember, however, that while I absolutely loved the community and social excitement of being at college, one of the things I missed most (along with Mom’s cooking and free laundry) was an opportunity for some reading that didn’t have anything to do with school.  Something that actually made me feel good.  Something that didn’t make me fall asleep halfway through with my face stuck to the page.

Well, here’s your chance to get just that, and maybe a little bit of Mom-type cooking too!  (Sorry, I can’t do anything about the laundry)


Announcing: the Newman Center Fall 2012 Small Group Books!

This year at the Newman Center, we’re launching two new Small Groups!  What’s a Small Group, you ask?  Obviously, a small group of people (5-8 people to be exact), but less obviously, it’s a group that comes together weekly for fellowship, discussion, and encouragement.  They can be groups who are all in similar life situations (for example, I led a Small Group of engaged young women while I was a senior in college), or who want to study a specific topic or book or idea, or who simply want to create a community of support for each other.  It’s pretty casual and a ton of fun!

This year, we’re going to start with two groups–one Small Group for young men led by Matt Young and one for young women, led by me!  We’re going to be focusing on two excellent and easy-to-read books: Wild at Heart and Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge.  Stay tuned this week for more information about each book as well as each of our Small Group leaders!


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