Meet the Ladies’ Small Group Leader: Campus Minister Cindy Cheshire

Meet Cindy Cheshire, our Ladies’ Small Group Leader!

Name:  Cindy Cheshire

Hometown: Lots of places!  Born in Pittsburgh, PA then moved to three different places in Maryland, spent my really formative years Bedford, New Hampshire (and therefore consider The 603 my true home),  went to college in Chicago, moved to Juneau, Alaska after graduation and then finally here to Keene!

Course of Study: Received a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from North Park University in 2009.  I concentrated in Biblical Studies and focused a lot of my studies on learning about Greco-Roman culture in the Late Second Temple Period (which runs from 200 BCE to 70 CE, when the Temple in Jerusalem fell at the hands of the Romans)

Hobbies: Knitting.  Playing my cello, Henri.  Hiking.  Kayaking.  Reading.  Playing Settlers of Catan.  Photography.  Blogging.
Favorite Saint: Saint Perpetua, a martyr in Carthage in the early 3rd century.  She was so unbelievably brave!
Favorite Book of the Bible: Hebrews.  This book is just so rich, so deep and so interesting!
A Particularly Awesome Thing She’s Done/Experienced:  Seen the elusive “green flash” during a sunset in Chile
I’m so excited to be leading our group of fantastic ladies through John and Stasi Eldredge’s “Captivating”!  We’ll meet each week at my house for some tasty home cooking,  fellowship and to discover the true, adventurous beauties that God created us to be!  Contact me if you’re interested in joining ( and stay tuned for descriptions of our two Small Group books, “Wild at Heart” and “Captivating”!

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