Of Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

There are two great events coming up at the Newman Center, and they both involve FREE FOOD!!!


First, join us at Keene State College’s Pumpkin Lobotomy event this Friday, October 19th from 2-7 pm! 

In true Keene State tradition, students will once again get up to their elbows in pumpkin gunk in the name of helping Keene reclaim our Guinness World Record for most Jack-o-Lanterns lit at once at this year’s Pumpkin Festival (held Saturday, October 20th).  Instead of having a table for pumpkin carving, the Newman Student Organization will be walking around the event offering cups of warm apple cider to participants.  No evangelizing, no awkwardness, just a toasty drink to celebrate the season!  If you’re interested in taking an hour-long shift, contact Cindy Cheshire at ksc.newman.ctr@gmail.com


Then, join us for Brunch on Sunday!  That’s right, Brunch is a weekly event and Sunday, October 21st, we’ll be getting into the fall spirit by having Pumpkin Spice pancakes!  Meet on the steps of St. Bernard’s church after the 11:15 am Mass, and we’ll walk over to the Newman Center together for tasty food, a few games of pool, and good fellowship.  See you there!  Disclaimer:  I can’t guarantee that my pancakes will look as artsy as the ones pictured above, but I’ll do my best!


See you this weekend!  Have a safe and fun time at the Pumpkin Festival!

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