Adventure–an Excerpt from our Guys’ Small Group Book

“Adventure”, from Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

“Adventure, with all its requisite danger and wildness, is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of man.  The masculine heart needs a place where nothing is prefabricated, modular, nonfat, zip lock, franchised, on-line, microwaveable.  Where there are no deadlines, cell phones, or committee meetings.  Where there is room for the soul.  Where, finally, the geography around us corresponds to the geography of our heart.  Look at the heroes of the biblical text:  Moses does not encounter the living God at the mall.  He finds him (or is found by him) somewhere out in the deserts of Sinai, a long way from the comforts of Egypt.  The same is true of Jacob, who had his wrestling match with God not on the living room sofa but in a wadi somewhere east of the Jabbok, in Mesopotamia.  Where did the great prophet Elijah go to recover his strength?  To the wild.  As did John the Baptist, and his cousin, Jesus, who is led by the Spirit into the wilderness.

Whatever else those explorers were after, they were also searching for themselves.  Deep in a man’s heart are some fundamental questions that simply cannot be answered at the kitchen table.  Who am I?  What am I made of?  What am I destined for?  It is fear that keeps a man at home where things are neat and orderly and under his control.  But the answers to his deepest questions are not to be found on television or in the refrigerator.  Out there on the burning desert sands, lost in a trackless waste, Moses received his life’s mission and purpose.  He is called out, called up into something much bigger than he ever imagined, much more serious than CEO or “prince of Egypt.”  Under foreign stars, in the dead of night, Jacob received a new name, his real name.  No longer is he a shrewd business negotiator, but now he is one who wrestles with God.  The wilderness trial of Christ is, at its core, a test of his identity.  “If you are who you think you are…”  If a man is ever to find out who he is and what he’s here for, he has got to take that journey for himself.

He has got to get his heart back.”

Fellas, it’s time to get your hearts back!  If you’re interested in finding out how, contact Matt Young at to join our Guys’ Small Group!


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