It’s Election Season…..for the 2012-2013 Newman Center T-Shirt!

It’s that time of the year again.  Time for stump speeches, super-PACs and nonstop political ads.  We here at the Newman Center have decided to get in on the action……only in a way more fun manner.  Come one, come all and do your civic duty as participants in the Newman Center ministry by voting for your favorite t-shirt below!  Your vote counts, and not voting is really just voting for not getting an awesome t-shirt, which is sad.  So vote.  Preferably by November 9th, which is when I’ll be placing the order!

All t-shirts can and probably will be customized with a quote or saying on the back.  Vote for that in the poll too!

Option 1:  “I’ve spent decades at the Newman Center”  

Catholic humor at its best here, folks.

Option 2:  Newman Center Label

Discreet, yet it sends the message

Option 3:  Monadnock Tribute

Cause don’t we all just love that mountain?

Option 4: Salt and Light

A clever take on our 2012-2013 theme

Your vote counts!  Vote today and look super cool tomorrow

(or, in approximately 10-14 business days, thanks!)

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