Monday Musings: 10 Christian Cliches

“It’s okay, everything happens for a reason”

….did your blood pressure just rise and your eyes roll immediately?

Good, me too.


I HATE this phrase and, unfortunately, it has a firm spot in the Greatest Hits section of the Christian lexicon.  Seriously?  Everything happens for a reason?  Rape happens for a reason?  Spouses are unfaithful for a reason?  Children die for a reason?  Give me a break.  This has long been a pet peeve of mine, and so I was tickled pink to find this article by Christian Piatt on 10 Christian Clichés that need to be removed from our vocabulary immediately.  It includes such gems as “He/she is in a better place” and one of Piatt’s sequel articles (you can find them all here) includes my personal favorite: “Are you Catholic or are you Christian?”


Don’t. get. me. started.


So, have a gander (with an open mind and a sense of humor, please) and next time you’re tempted to throw one of these bad boys out, just think:  “What would Jesus do?”  (teehee)


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