Gifts of the Spiritual Persuasion

Winter Break is a truly the most wonderful time of the year–no classes, lots of yummy food, reconnecting with friends at home, and tons and tons of down time to do pretty much whatever you want.  I always enjoyed my college breaks because I got to do some leisure reading (or maybe no reading at all if I wanted).  It’s also a good time to do all that extra self-formation that you don’t have time for during the semester.  If you’re feeling a little hazy when it comes to your faith and how you best experience and practice it, a Spiritual Gifts Inventory is a great way to start!  It’s easy, takes about 15 minutes, and leaves you with a distinct “Oh man, they just cracked me open and saw what makes me tick” sort of feeling that helps direct you to ministries and faith formation opportunities that you might have never realized existed.  Basically, it’s a questionnaire that determines what gifts God has blessed you with, because sometimes you don’t realize it by yourself.

The last time I took a Spiritual Gifts Inventory was about ten years ago, so I recently took another one and was pleasantly surprised by the results:

“Knowledge” came in first, with “Prophet” a close second.  I was SHOCKED.  Not so much about the Knowledge thing (I’ve known from the first time I got a surge of adrenaline when I discovered my first Biblical language wordplay in the Gospel of John that I’m a total Bible geek), but Prophet?  The last time I took an inventory, Prophet was at the rock bottom.  Like, the inventory practically said “You’re no Elijah”, rock bottom.  So I read the description of the gift:

“The Holy Spirit empowers some individuals to interpret and apply God’s revelation in a given situation.  This gift involves a keen sense of the dignity of all people, a sense of call, a sense of timing and some knowledge of Scripture and church teachings.”


Spot. on.

Also convenient:  the fact that “Prophet” was tied with “Trust” and “Faith”.  So basically: I am especially sensitive to God’s message, I trust in Him, I have faith that His will is best, and I’m passionate about sharing it with others through education and experience.

It’s like they’ve read my soul.

So what’s the point of all this?  The point is that even though I go to Mass every week and even though I do all the stuff that good Catholics are “supposed” to do and even though I’m in ministry, I was still surprised and enlightened by taking this inventory, and it has really encouraged me to move forward with certain ministries while delegating others to people who are better gifted in those areas.  So I encourage you to join me this break and take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory linked here.


How has God gifted you?  How are you going to use it?

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