Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 11: Eleven Pipers Piping

Symbolism:  Eleven’s a tricky number.  Think about it, how many times is eleven an important number?  You never hear “Oooo, lucky number eleven!”, it’s one less than a dozen but one more than the number often reserved for the best player on a soccer team…eleven is kind of the underdog of numbers.  Which makes its symbolism quite (and quietly) profound:  the eleven pipers piping stand for the eleven faithful disciples.  That is, all of Christ’s disciples except Judas.

Your Mission:  Celebrate today by simply allowing yourself to celebrate Christmas.  I’m not talking about baking cookies or watching movies (although if that’ll help by all means, go for it!)–I’m talking about getting over that psychological hill and allowing yourself to be happy about Christ.  In  the course of my ministry, I’ve found that many professed Catholics believe our faith with their minds but not their hearts.  They recite the Creed and allow their minds to accept everything they should, but hold back when it comes to feeling their faith, as if it’s uncouth to profess such things or downright embarrassing.  The eleven faithful disciples loved Jesus.  He was their best friend, and theirs was a relationship deeper than just a mentor-mentee one.  And ours should be too.

Bonus Points:  Find some way to express the emotion of your faith–write a letter, make some art, sing a song, go out into the depths of nature and have a conversation out loud with God.  Do something to get out of your head and connect your heart!

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