New Mission Statement

These past few months have been a great time of learning for me–of getting to know Keene, its schools, students and young adults, and also forming the mission of the Newman Center.  Any ministry requires a goal to be successful, and so I present the new Newman Center mission statement:

It is the mission of the Newman Center of Keene, NH to minister to the young adults of our area–especially students–no matter where each young adult may be in his or her spiritual formation.  It is therefore our mission and privilege to create a space and an intentional Christian community in which it is safe to explore, to question, to worship, to make mistakes, to learn, to pray, to be one’s true self, and to discover how that true self is a vital part of the Body of Christ so that we can—individually and as a community—spread the Gospel in word and deed by acting as Christ to all.  This means that we will strive to love without reservation; to show compassion without bounds; to work for justice unceasingly; to speak loudly for the silent; and to radically devote ourselves to our God through prayer, study, and the Sacraments.

Look for the new mission statement portrayed in different ways around the Newman Center and lived out in our upcoming events!




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