Social Justice with the Slumdog Professor

It was an incredible two days of eyes opened, tough questions asked, and hearts softened for the causes of social justice during our visit from Dr. Boaz Johnson!  Here’s a compilation of photos and quotes from all three events:
Newman Center Shots

“If only every man would look at every woman and say ‘We are a part of the same family’.”  -Dr. Boaz Johnson

“…we’ve turned the Cross into an existentialist crisis…If you’re going to follow Jesus, you have to lose your life so much that it’s so against this world that they don’t even recognize it…”  -Rev.  Scott Geminn, on how Christians are radically called to live justice

“All human beings are made in the image of God.  Don’t you dare enslave them.” -Dr. Boaz Johnson

“I’m reminded of Patricia Allard’s idea of social justice being like a painting where each of us is a dot and each dot doesn’t make sense but together, when you stand back and look at the picture, it does”  -Keene State College student Hersch Rothmel

Thank you to everyone who attended each of the events!  Our “Be the Change” canvas will hang in the hallway of the Newman Center to remind each of us of our dedication to social justice.  Check back on this page and at the Newman Center for resources and opportunities to turn your conviction into action!


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