The Newman Center’s Commitment to Social Justice

So many students, faculty and community members signed our “Be the Change” canvas at our “Slumdog Professor” events this week and dedicated themselves to standing up for social justice in our community and the world, but did you know that the Newman Center also made a commitment? After hearing Boaz’s message and seeing the frustration from all our attendees at not knowing where to start or how to help, the Newman Center dedicated itself to adding a new aspect to its ministry–to provide social justice resources to those in our community who want to “be the change” and make a difference. In order to do this, however, we need your help! In addition to providing general resources, we want to take on a specific ministry–but we need that ministry to be chosen by YOU!  Here are a few options:

Sponsor a Downtown Motel through S.O.A.P.  (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution)  This organization was founded by a victim of the sex trade, who was coerced into prostitution as a teenager.  The only time she ever had to herself without her captors watching was in the bathroom, so after being rescued she started S.O.A.P., which provides both awareness education and literal bars of soap imprinted with the National Human Trafficking Hotline number on them to large scale events and downtown motels–in short, any place or opportunity where human trafficking for the sex trade is likely to occur.  If we choose this ministry, the Newman Center community would sponsor a downtown motel and provide awareness training and soap to them for 6 months to 1 year, in addition to raising awareness and funds in our community.  To see how S.O.A.P. influenced last year’s Superbowl, click here.

Sponsor a child, raise money, or fund a micro loan through World Vision   Through this ministry, the community of the Newman Center would raise funds to sponsor a child, donate for a specific program, or fund a micro loan through World Vision.  Any of these causes would help the marginalized become or stay self-sufficient, freeing themselves from the financial entrapment that often leads to slavery.  For a list of available micro loan programs, click here.  To see children we could sponsor, click here.   For a list of specific donations, click here.

Host a 24 Hour Justice Experience   An experience for students who want to end global slavery in their lifetime, the International Justice Ministry’s 24JE is a 24-hour event focused on raising awareness of global slavery, putting on service projects, and raising funds for international rescue.  For more information, click here.

Participate in a Campaign through Amnesty International or International Justice Mission  There are many opportunities for volunteering, raising awareness, fundraising, letter writing campaigns and more through Amnesty International and International Justice Mission.  We can choose our mission and make it happen in our community with the assurance that these are great organizations that do solid work.  Click on the names of either of these organizations to learn more.

Vote below and contact the Campus Minister if you want to be involved in leading one of these incredible ministries!


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