Monday Musings: Regular Joes Prepping for Conclave

Conclave, the secretive and fascinating process in which a new Pope is elected, starts tomorrow and while it seems like the major work is left to the College of Cardinals, there are still ways that we regular Catholics can (and should) be involved.  Here are a few ideas: 

-First of all, check out this short video on what conclave is and how it works:

Or, if illustrations are more your thing, check this out.  Got it?  Good.

-Adopt a cardinal to pray for during the proceedings here.  As the Cardinals walk to the Sistine Chapel to be locked in, they chant “Come, Holy Spirit”, imploring the third person of the Trinity to guide them in their decision making.  Join the Cardinals in this plea by praying for your assigned cardinal, that he would be guided by just and true faith and listen to the Holy Spirit with all humility and reverence.  Also, in case you were wondering, the Vatican thinks the “Adopt a Cardinal” website is pretty cool.

-Be the first to know!  Sign up for text or email alerts at so you don’t miss the “Habemus Papam”!

-Brush up on your Latin here and REALLY be the first to know, as the new Pope’s identity and new name are announced in Latin before French, Spanish, Italian, English and (now, since it was recently added as an official Vatican language) Arabic.

Conclave, like any rare tradition of our church, is a great opportunity to learn more about our rituals, redirect our hearts toward God and commit to prayer.  Join me in praying for our Cardinals so that they choose a new Pope who will lead our church well and with Christ-like love and faith!


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