Get Ready for a Celebration of the Easter Octave!

Contrary to the 50% off Easter candy at Target, did you know that Easter isn’t over yet?  That’s right, your Peep-loving, chocolate-eating heart can rejoice; we still have six more days of feasting in the Easter Octave, with several more weeks of the Easter season after that!


And you thought being Catholic was boring.


In the spirit of the popular “Twelve Days of Christmas” series posted last year, I’ll be posting an article, a challenge, and a way to celebrate every day of the Easter octave excluding Easter Sunday itself because, well, you already celebrate that!  Yesterday’s post was the Monday Musings reflection on conversations about faith, with the challenge to join the Campus Minister in the Dining Commons for any of her open discussions.  What about the celebration?  Well, you probably ate the rest of the contents of your Easter basket, so let’s count that, shall we?   Here’s your post for today:



Article:  The Pope’s Easter Homily

Challenge:  Read it.  Because I know you won’t unless I double-dog dare you……which I do.

Celebrate…by choosing something to hang in your living space that screams “I’M STILL CELEBRATING!!!!”  Streamers, Christmas lights, a paper chain, a pinata….as long as it’s not a living thing that is literally screaming about your celebration, hang it up and get ready to party for the next week!



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