Easter Octave, Day 4

harry potter feast


Article:  Ever have someone you hate?  You know, that one person that you really can’t stand, who makes your blood boil every time you even think of them?  I have two of them, I’ll admit, and this article really gave me something new to think about when it comes to praying for our enemies.

Challenge:  Take a minute to pray today, maybe even for that person you can’t stand.  Seriously.  Set a timer, I know you have one on your phone.  And if you liked the centered-ness that praying brought you, check out this book of prayers for college students.

Celebrate…by surrounding yourself with people you DO like and enjoying some sort of libation together.  Grab some frozen yogurt, hit up the Elm City Brewery if you’re of age, break into that chocolate stash we all know you’re hiding.  Personally, I’m a big fan of brie.  Whatever food says “feast!” to you, enjoy it within the context of community today!


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