Easter Octave, Day 5: Zombie Jesus?


Article:  Easter has been celebrated as “Zombie Jesus Day” by zombie-centric Christians and non-Christians alike for a few years now.  Offensive?  Possibly.  Humorous?  Definitely.  Check out this clever article outlining the exact differences between a zombie and the risen Christ.  Spoiler alert:  Lazarus might have something to be worried about.

Challenge: Make a date to participate in some zombie-like activity yourself by communing with the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ in the Eucharist.  This Sunday is our monthly Student Mass at St. Bernard’s at 5 pm!  Be there or be square, and join the Newman Center afterwards for “breakfast for dinner” (we promise there won’t be any brains on the menu).

Celebrate…by watching a movie featuring your favorite mythical character:  zombies, vampires, mermaids, unicorns…

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