Easter Octave, Day 6:



Article:  Hypothetically, let’s say that it’s 9:15.  Your alarm just went off because you have a 10 am class.  You roll over, grab your phone, and stare at it through one eye (because you’re still too tired to open both…come on, we all do it), scrolling through emails and Facebook updates and Instagram photos.  And then you see it–that picture that makes you want to put the phone down, roll back over, and not get out of bed for a week.  Maybe it’s a photo of your ex with their new significant other, or a friend from high school who’s studying abroad and having adventure after adventure, or your cousin’s perfectly cooked dinner from the night before.  Whatever it is, we’ve all had this experience:  social media envy.  If you, like the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD, are tired of feeling like crap after comparing your behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s social media highlight reel, check out this article.  Seriously.

Challenge:  Put. the phone.  DOWN.  Pick a realistic amount of time to leave your phone or computer alone–maybe for you it’s only an hour.  Maybe you think you can handle an entire day.  But pick a time frame and leave it alone.  Feel that?  After you’ve gotten over the DTs and nervousness that being away from your addiction creates, you’ll notice a certain…lightness.  It’s called freedom.  And it’s what every one of us who lived in a time before cell phones were the norm once experienced every day.  (Yes, I am old enough to remember that time.)

Celebrate…by doing something non-technological: go for a hike, walk up and down main street, sit on the quad, fly a kite, go for a bike ride, go on a search for a naturally occurring piece of wildlife that isn’t landscaped!  I guarantee, your soul will feel like it’s at a party!


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