Easter Octave, Day 7: Ch-ch-ch-changes


Article:  Lots of people gave lots of opinions when it came to the type of “change” the new Pope needed to bring to the Church, even before he was elected.  Now that we’ve got him, check out this article that outlines how Pope Francis is already changing the priesthood.

Challenge:  Pray for our priests today–both current and future.  Pray that our current priests would be godly men who are truly Christ-like, who hold each other accountable, and who purify the church that they serve.  Also pray for a new generation of men who are willing to stand up and fill the roles of the many, many priests who will retire or die in the next decade or two.

Bonus Points: Keep an eye out for the announcement that is soon to come about our first Theology on Tap gathering!  We’re just waiting for our host restaurant to confirm, and our first topic will be the new pope–who he is, how he’s shaking things up, and what the office really means.

Celebrate…by embracing change in your own life.  Rearrange your room, take some new pictures to have on your phone, take a walk and notice all the flowers that are starting to come up!  Change doesn’t always have to be scary–it can be renewing!

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