Easter Octave, Day 8: Blood and Water


Article: Did you know that today is Divine Mercy Sunday?  Do you know what the Divine Mercy is?  Simply put, it’s the celebration of and devotion to the graces of mercy that God gave us through Christ’s death on the cross.  In the Divine Mercy image, beams of red and blue light emanate from the wound in Jesus’ side (inflicted by the soldier’s spear at the crucifixion) and represent the blood and water that ran from the wound.  Check out this article for a good description of the devotion of Divine Mercy, and this one for the deeper cultural significance of that blood and water—hint:  it has to do with animal sacrifices at the Temple in Jerusalem.  This is majorly cool stuff, guys!

Challenge: Pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet.  I’ve found it to go faster than a traditional rosary, and it really makes me feel right with God by the end.  I’ve had times in my life when people have been praying tons and tons of Divine Mercy Chaplets for me and my family because of illness or crisis and I can attest that God really listens to these prayers!

Celebrate…with music!  Turn on some jams, start a Third Day or Jeremy Camp station on Pandora, pull out that old guitar and learn you some praise and worship music.  Do some liturgical dance when no one’s looking.  Whatever it is, celebrate Easter and God’s amazing mercy today with music!


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