Daily Seed Sprouted: Feasting and Fasting

Today’s Daily Seed talked about the importance of feasting and fasting with the Church.  “What? There’s more to being Catholic than just giving up meat on Fridays in Lent?” you say?  Uh, yeah.  We throw some pretty sweet parties.  Here are some ideas for celebrating:

  • Get to know the liturgical year a little bit.  It starts on the first Sunday of Advent and goes through entire seasons of fasting (Advent and Lent), feasting (Christmas, Easter and Pentecost), and daily growth (Ordinary Time).  For some extra fun, throw some Rogation and Ember Days in there, which are sort of mini-Lents left over from practices from centuries ago.  Find a good description of the liturgical year here!
  • Check out our blog archives on feasts, fasts, and saint days!
  • Actually fast on fast days. You don’t need to do a full bread-and-water fast unless you feel called by God to do it and have prepared both spiritually and physically for it (talk to a priest or other church leader about this if you’re feeling called), but do refrain from dessert. Eat simply. Maybe get rid of a snack. Take the money you would have spent on these things and donate it to charity. Take the time you would have spent eating and spend it praying. The point is to get your focus on God, not the rumbly in your tumbly. Plus, when you’ve experienced a fast, the feast is SO much more exciting!
  • Now, go celebrate!  Have a serious party on Easter (like, a real one, not just one where you look for plastic eggs in bushes), celebrate all Twelve Days of Christmas, pick a few favorite saints and celebrate their feast days like you would your own birthday!  Seriously–cook a special meal, buy some flowers, plug in those Christmas lights, dress up! Invite others to do it with you! Feasting is best done in community; feasting on your own kind of sounds like gluttony, amiright?

Have any more ideas on ways to celebrate the liturgical year? Tell us in the comments below!

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