The 2013-2014 Newman Center Theme: “Vines & Branches”

NC13-14 Theme

Last year, we explored being Salt and Light in the world, but this academic year, the Newman Center is all about Vines and Branches!  This year, we’ll be exploring the words of John 15, where Jesus calls Himself “the vine” and His followers “the branches”.  We’ll be figuring out what it means to grow from the True Vine, how to bear fruit, how to prune those things from our lives that keep us from growing, and to do all of it so as to give glory to the Gardener, God.  Join us for…

-A Fall retreat focusing on the first half of this image: the True Vine, Jesus Christ, from whom we grow and thrive.  There will also be a Spring retreat focusing on ourselves, the branches–how we grow, where we grow, why we grow, and how we can bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

-A weekly Bible study on the Gospel of John led by Campus Minister Cindy Cheshire

-A special Theology on Tap wine tasting and teaching in January!  Join us for a night of libation where we’ll learn about the different types of wine in the first half of our gathering, and then talk about about why vines (and their fruit) played such a major part in the culture of Biblical times–and why the Bible mentions them so often because of it. (21+ only)

-Opportunities to bear fruit in our community through weekly service hours at the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, trips to help at the Community Kitchen, and a Spring Break Mission Trip

Of course, our regular programs will continue as well!  We’ll still have a Weekly Holy Hour for Newman Center young adults at 3:00 pm on Fridays, our Ladies’ and Gents’ Small Groups will reform, Movie Nights will start again in September, and we’ll still be kicking back and having fun with occasional trips to concerts, hikes up Mt. Monadnock, and other just-for-fun events.

And, the best news of all is still something you’ll have to wait for!  Check back in a few days for HUGE NEWS about upcoming worship and liturgical opportunities starting in September!

If you or someone you know might be interested in any of the opportunities or ministries listed above, let me know in the comments below or by contacting me on our Facebook page or via email; find all that good info under the “Contact Us” tab above!  May God bless you!  See you around the Newman Center this year!

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