Monday Musings (and a Sprout!): Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters in Egypt



A fitting reading from today’s Office:

“Holy men beset by tribulation must endure the assaults of those who use violence and verbal attacks.  The former they resist with the shield of patience, but against the latter they launch the sharp arrows of true doctrine.  In both types of fighting they win the day through the wonderful arts that virtue bestows, for within wisdom they teach the wayward while showing a courageous contempt for outward hostility; the straying sheep they set on the right path by their teaching; the attacker they suffer and overcome.  For they have nothing but patient scorn for the enemy who moves against them, but they sympathize with their weaker fellows and bring them back to the safe way, opposing the former lest they lead others astray and fearing for the latter lest the completely lose sight of the truly upright life.”  -St. Gregory the Great



Mass in a torched Coptic church

Please, please, please, please pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Egypt.


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