Next Theology on Tap: Sacramentals, or Launch Pads, or Air Rams…you know, whatever works

In planning our upcoming Theology on Tap discussion about sacramentals, I tried to find an adequate metaphor.  How best to describe this varied group of physical things that lead us to spiritual realities? What purpose does a rosary serve? Or Holy water? Or signing myself with the Sign of the Cross?  How do Icons impact my spiritual life? My first thought was “compasses…they’re compasses toward God” but then I thought of something way more fun…

ToT 9.03 Sacramentals

Sacramentals are like mini launchpads toward God–they take us and launch us higher than we could make it ourselves!

Or, maybe a more fitting metaphor is that they’re air rams:

…but nobody really knows the name for those machines, they just see them in action movies whenever people go flying.

So, launch pad or sacramental or air ram–whatever you call it, come talk about it and experience it at our next Theology on Tap! 6:00 pm at Margarita’s on Main Street!


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