10 Ideas of Ways Not to be a Sheep This Pumpkinfest



We all know that Keene’s annual Pumpkinfest means one thing:  pumpkins!  Well, maybe two things; for members of the Keene State College community, Pumpkinfest often also means blacked out roommates, vomit on the sidewalks, smashed pumpkins, and a horrible reputation for the entire campus.


Is that really how we all want to remember Pumpkinfest?

Do you think that’s the only way to fit in this weekend?

Are you just being a sheep, going along with the herd?


Lucky for you, the Newman Center’s got  your back!  Presenting: 10 Ideas of Way Not to be a Sheep This Pumpkinfest:

  1. Enjoy the night lighting of all the jack-o-laterns with a mug of hot apple cider
  2. Host a Harry Potter movie marathon
  3. Keep it to 2 drinks
  4. Check out What’s Up at KSC, an online community that promotes alternative, substance-free events happening on campus
  5. Go on a pumpkin scavenger hunt with your roommates!  Split up with a time limit, your smartphones, and a list of types of pumpkins to find:  the scariest, the funniest, a group of pumpkins spelling out a message (did anyone catch the marriage proposal pumpkins on the tower last year?!?), the most oddly-shaped pumpkin, best carving skills, worst carving skills…the sky’s the limit!  And with the crowds every year, putting a limit on the amount of time you can spend finding each of these categories will make it even harder!  Meet up at a local restaurant and vote on everyone’s photos over a snack!
  6. Alternate non-alcoholic drinks in between beers
  7. Find a friend you trust and make a pact for safety, whether that means checking in with each other at a party, making sure that you keep it to a healthy maximum amount of drinks, not talking to that guy you both know is trouble, or what have you
  8. Stop at the Pumpkin Pong table at Pumpkin Lobotomy this year for some games, pretty hilarious prizes and info on how to celebrate away from the herd
  9. Put together another Pumpkinfest flash mob
  10. Tag your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts on how you’re celebrating Pumpkinfest YOUR way with #mypumpkinfest

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