We Could Use Your Help!


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This past year at the Newman Center, we:

  • welcomed dozens of new students and young adults to our community
  • brought a world-renowned Social Justice speakerto campus and dedicated ourselves to more just living
  • held our first Fall Retreat at Weston Priory
  • handed out over 100 water bottles to Keene State freshmen on Move-In Day
  • launched Keene’s first Theology on Tap group, with over a dozen gatherings and over 50 young adults reached

…and more!  And we did it with an annual operating budget that is less than most people receive in a single paycheck.

We have a lot planned for the upcoming year, and we can do a whole lot more with your help!  Would you please help our ministry by making a tax-deductible donation?  Any amount helps, and we have many different forms of support and programs for you to choose from including  Monthly DonationsSupporting our Mission Trip Team, or Sponsoring our Kitchen or Theology on Tap.  You can evendonate online through the Diocese website!

Thank you for your involvement in and support of this important and growing ministry!  We can’t wait to show you how we grow even more in 2014.

In Christ,

Cindy Cheshire
Director and Campus Minister
The Newman Center at Keene State College


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