Announcing: The Newman Center Post Secret Confessional!


It’s tough to carry around shame, guilt, and secrets all the time, isn’t it?


As we’re looking forward to the beginning of Lent next week, the Newman Center is launching a new project: the Post Secret Confessional!  You might be familiar with PostSecret, the massive community art project where people send in anonymous postcards with their deepest secrets.  There’s a PostSecret blog, community events, traveling art exhibitions, and books that all testify to the fact that getting these things off your chest is unbelievably freeing–and that we all have issues to share–positive and negative, hurtful and whimsical, serious and not so much.


Gee, doesn’t this sound kind of familiar?  Maybe even like Confession?


Not to sound all hipster, but the Catholic church was doing PostSecret before PostSecret was cool–we just did it talking behind a screen.


So, this Lent, keep an eye out for the Newman Center’s Post Secret Confessional, where you’ll be able to make your very own anonymous postcard confessing that thing that’s been bothering you, or admitting something, or owning some individual quality of yours.  It’s all on the table here:  sins, behavior, past experiences, mental health, sex, religion, how you really feel about your roommate.  You’ll also find resources for you if your postcard brought up an issue you’d like to speak with someone about–we’ll have ways for you to get in touch with the Counseling Center on campus, with the Campus Minister here, or to arrange a time for the actual Sacrament of Reconciliation with a priest.


The Newman Center Post Secret Confessional will make its debut at next week’s event on positive self image, the Project U: Body Fest, held on Tuesday, March 4th 8-10 pm in the Mabel Brown Room in the Young Student Center!  Come to participate at the Confessional, have a smoothie, see what really happens with Photoshop, walk the catwalk as a Project U model, and more!


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