It’s Back: 8 Days of Easter!

Last year, I put up an 8 Days of Easter series a la the 12 Days of Christmas.


This year, you can relive the glory here (with some notes of changes since it is a year later):

  • the “Lunch with the Campus Minister” mentioned on Day 1 was in response to an issue on campus last year.  Instead, come to the Madison Street Lounge this Thursday, April 24th at 2 pm to participate in the campus Restorative Circle Dialogue regarding the posters for “Was Jesus a Nazi?” that many found offensive
  • Here’s the Pope’s 2014 Easter Homily
  • Student Mass (referenced in Day 5)  is every week at 7 pm now instead of once a month at 5 pm.  Progress!
  • Theology on Tap (mentioned in Day 7) has been up and going for a year now, but do still keep an eye out for when our next gathering will be!  We’ll announce it here and on our Facebook page.


Happy Easter!  He is Risen!


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