Announcing: Our 2014-2015 Newman Center Theme!


Last year, we discovered what it meant when Jesus called Himself the Vine and us the Branches.

This year, we’re going Fearless.

When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, the Apostles saw tongues of fire resting above each of their heads as they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Their immediate response was extraordinary–they became fearless, going out into their community and the world to live and preach the Gospel through their words and actions.

Millennia later–at World Youth Days, during his first appearance as Pope and beyond, the now-Saint John Paul II often repeated a certain exhortation to the youth and people of the Church: “Be not afraid”.

And this year, we’re going to do just that.

We’re going to conquer all different kinds of fears—the fears we have about confronting our doubts, going deeper into our faith, identifying as Catholic in a hostile world, radically serving as God’s hands and feet to those in need, or about certain parts of ourselves.  The fears others have about what they *think* they know about Catholics that isn’t really true–we’ll show them the truth through love and community.  The fears that come from all the changes and excitement of young adult and college life–we’ll tackle them by forming an even more intentional community.

This past Pentecost, we were reminded that we each have the Holy Spirit–we’ve got the fire!  Let’s let it burn.  Let’s be not afraid.

Join us!

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